IOSManager B2B Account Introduction                               
In world any area, the network is uses IP to identify the computer position,
But in IOSManager Business to business (B2B) commercial world,
It is uses the InternetCompanyNo to identify the IOSManager-Company position,
Therefore, you want to use the B2B service, you must to apply InternetCompanyNo.
Applied for the InternetCompanyNo, your IOSManager had the world B2B-identification card,
You may in any area install the IOSManager process B2B transaction (Same service group).

Apply IOSManager B2B Account (Internet Company No)

Please confirmed whether has the IOSManager [Globalization Internet B2B] authorization Licence.
Following [B2B Internet Company No] is your B2B Account, Proffer enter company short name.
Please truly fills up this table list, Not truly or deficient data be does not accepts or deletes.
Note: Single IOSManager Licence (One Company) only allow apply for one B2B account.

Contact Information

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Job Title : *
e-Mail : *
TEL Phone Number : *

B2B Information (Character spacing not blank, Max 16 English or Number character length)

B2B Internet Company No : * Help following
 : Automatic allocates (Free) Self custom (Charge)
B2B Password : *
Re-enter B2B Password : *

Company Information

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Employees : *
Country : *
Web Site : *
Address : *


IOSManager Registered Code :
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Agreement / confirm then pass :  

Privacy Statement
Allround Automations will only use the information you provide to fulfill your request.
The information will not be disclosed to third parties and will not be published
unless you specifically permit us to do so. 

Licence Statement
If does not have agreement, the service and applied is forbidden the charge, or request donation.

Our Under reasonable condition, retains the append/change or cancels this active the right.