News for IOSManager

After the 06.12.02 version, Before the renewal of the version

Following is the new version description. [Basic Data - Product Maintain]

Add Function #1: The Product picture be able adjust the size to show.

Please moves the mouse to the picture, Then double-clicks the mouse left key.

You may drag the right side and bottom side of Windows,
Adjustment the picture size of show.

Add Function #2: If lower of safe quantity then prompt by color.

If all stock quantity lower than the safe quantity,
The black color transforms red color.

Modify Function #1: Adjustment limit size of product picture.

Local picture size limits 200 KBytes (Originally is 20K)
Internet B2B picture size limits 30 KBytes (Originally is 20K)

Bug Fixed #1: Product data import from Excel file.

Input null string to number type field then occur error.

Download free 061202 Update To 070101 Service Pack : Please click me to download

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