IOSManager B2B Framework

If your computer has installed the IOSManager, You become in the global IOSManager-
B2B group member, You may purchase with the supplier, Also may hold the post of
supplier's role to sell to the dealer, But they must all be the IOSManager group's
members and installed IOSManager B2B Modules and Apply the B2B account.
The system provides powerful b2b the electronic data exchange, not need the EDI/XML
interface, Also may manage own company transport business, Makes your commercial
system, You may relieved give IOSManager International business system.

Security B2B transaction

Both business sides must have the following system modules of IOSManager
Minimize modules to install: [Base Business Modules] + [Globalization Internet B2B]
or extend modules for demand, For confirm the transaction side is correct of identity,
User can define the private key to private transaction mode,
and in the data exchange process, System uses the public key to encrypts your data
then send to destination IOSManager users. That is best B2B transaction mode

Data transmission no barrier

IOSManager B2B provide you in any country (need connect to Internet) 
fetch sales order and send the purchase order to supplier.
The B2B framework of construction by the web-service technology.
So easy through the firewall, In the internal office of company or is the internet coffee bar,
Does not need install server and configure the network TCP-IP port,
If Installed the IOSManager B2B Module and apply one B2B account,
be able to uses powerful B2B transaction framework. B2B solution for any where!

GMT time difference transforms support

IOSManager B2B support the Global GMT exchange to local time.
Example: Electronic Sales order from Taiwan at AM1:00 sent to US at AM:9:00
by B2B modules. Because the American time is the Taiwan time +8 hours.
The time difference does not need to worry, Automatic change the sent time to
local time for receive side. These time difference problem, 
The IOSManager B2B module automatically helps you to complete!

One Business Processing Flow

IOSManager B2B provides the One Business Processing Flow,
Integrate the supply chain on the world, Does not programming interface in both side,
Easy transfer outer sales order to inner sales order and inner purchase order to outer purchase order,
Smart product data mapping for supply chain, Can save mapping history by next transaction.
The IOSManager B2B only send sales price and data for your confirmed, Not send private data(ex:cost) It is safely!